How to fix activation issue on Avast premier?

Activation becomes a tricky process on Avast premier and therefore the user does get stuck into issues and errors for that the user can deal with some of the basic troubleshooting steps and can thus get the activation process done very easily.

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Fixing activation issue on Avast premier-

Copy of license – If you are facing the activation issue due to the license file or the activation code then you can get a copy of your license from the Avast official website or from Avast account. Once you get a copy of your license then you can use the given method for activation process.

Resolving activation issue on Avast premier using license file-

The user gets an order confirmation mail along with the purchase of Avast antivirus. The Email body will consist of an attachment file the user needs to insert that into Avast premier in order to get the software activated. But before getting into the activation process the user should ensure that the software has been installed properly. Then the user should follow the given steps for activating it-

  • Open the order confirmation mail and get the attached file saved
  • Then in the system tray right click Avast icon and then select the subscription information
  • Next on my licenses screen click and enter a valid activation code
  • click the button use a license file
  • open the previously saved link
  • Your Avast premier license will then be active
  • Under license on this PC you will get to see the expiry date of your subscription.

Fixing Activation problem of Avast download using Avast account-

In order to activate Avast premier using Avast account the user should follow the given steps –

  • In the system tray click Avast icon and then select “subscription information”
  • Log in your Avast account and then go to “my licenses” screen.
  • Enter the Avast account information and then click log in. you can also log in through Google or Facebook.
  • Check the details of the inserted license file then click “continue” in order to return to the my licenses screen.
  • The Avast premier license will be active the expiry date of the license will then appear under “license on this PC”

While buying the Avast premier version the user should specify the number of systems that are to be covered with a particular license.

Resolving activation issue through Reinstallation –

If the user still faces issue while working with the activation process of the software then he or she should conduct a reinstallation of the software.

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How to fix activation issue on Avast premier?
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